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Application Message

Welcome to the Student Exchange Program (SEP) Registration System

Congratulations!!! You are about to apply for the SEP for the academic year 2020-21 (Term 201).
You Must read the following instruction very carefully and take necessary actions accordingly.
Please first read the SEP REGULATIONS* carefully and follow the instruction below:

  • You must complete the online application before the deadline i.e. November 3, 2019.
  • You must submit a valid (until May 31, 2020) TOEFL result before the deadline i.e. November 3, 2019. Please note the TOEFL deadline will not be extended this time.
  • If you need more time to complete the online application then you must extend your web browser's session when the colored notification appears at the top of your web browser.
  • While registration you need to write small paragraphs for the questions that appear.[Tips: You may copy all the questions, prepare answers offline, and come back again later on to fill the answers in the online application page.
  • While filling the online application, you must type your name in English as it exactly appears in your passport including all the INITIALS AND FAMILY NAMES.
  • Carefully observe the information in the gray area visible in the application page. Your name in Arabic should be exactly as it appears in your National ID card. If you find spelling of your name in ARABIC or any information is wrong, you must take immediate actions to correct the information in the Banner Database by contacting the Registrar office and you should also notify OIC office via email
  • Upon successful completion of your online application, a notification page will appear and an email will be sent to your KFUPM mail. If you do not see the successful notification OR if you do not receive email notification in your KFUPM email then it proves that you are not registered in the SEP Registration System. In that case, you need to reperform the registration. If the problem persists, you must contact/visit our OIC office (, Ext. 7703) immediately & before the deadline.
  • After successful completion of the registration:
    • You may log out and later on you may log in anytime before the deadline to change your details. Speically, you must update your TOEFL score field, when the score is available with you.
    • You must log in to the OIC website to upload a scanned copy of your valid TOEFL Result as soon as it is available. You may reupload the TOEFL score anytime before the deadline. You also need to update the TOEFL score filed at your online application information page.
    • You do no need to upload any other documents now (e.g. Passport, ID card, High School Certificate, etc.)
    • Keep in touch with your Exchange Advisor and the mentor (if available) if you find difficulties.
    • Renew your passport if it is going to expire before February, 2021.
* Student Exchange Program Regulations. [Download]

Important announcements
Deadline in submission of online application is until November 3, 2019.

Deadline in submission of TOEFL score is until November 3, 2019.

OIC OFFICE RELOCATED: From Building 21 to Building 59 (Room 1027)

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