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Can I do the TOEFL test in abroad?

TOEFL is an international test and so you may take it anywhere in the world.

The TOEFL that we took at KFUPM is acceptable?

No. You need to take TOEFL exam outside KFUPM which is recognized internationally by the TOEFL organization (ETS).

My father is Non-Saudi but the mother is Saudi. May I apply for the SEP program?

If you are eligible, you may apply. However, you need to manage your sponsor and you may go at your own expense.

I am a non-Saudi. May I apply for the SEP program?

If you are eligible, you may apply. However, you need to manage your sponsor and you may go at your own expense.

If I am now in the sophomore i.e. first semester, May I apply? 

The criteria for the application are CGPA min 2.75 and credits completion between 30 to 80.

The courses which I am going to register in the host university would affect my CGPA at KFUPM?

The courses you take abroad are transferable to your transcript with NP but the minimum grade should be “C” at the host university. If you do not maintain CGPA of 2.5 then regulatory actions will be taken against you. Anyway, these courses do not affect your GPA.

Do I need to finish English 214 before going to Exchange program?

Yes, preferably as 214 is not usually offered abroad.

What is the deadline for documents uploading?

There is no deadline for documents uploading. However, you should upload any documents whenever it is available with you so that your application is processed smoothly by the OIC office.

Can I apply if I have below credits 30 or above credits 80?

No. However, you may apply for the petition.

Can I apply if I have Cumulative GPA less than 2.75 (e.g. 2.746, 2.71, etc.)

No. However, you may apply for the petition.

Does it guarantee that fulfilling all the criteria ensures my acceptance to the foreign university?

No. Fulfilling criteria allows you to apply only in our SEP system. The acceptance of foreign university depends on their requirement and fulfillment of all the criteria of KFUPM. However, OIC processes your application if you are eligible.

How I am sure that I am successfully registered for the SEP program.

You must receive a successful notification email in your KFUPM email. And you also see a successful notification page after you have completed Form 1, Form 2 and Form 3.

What is Form 1, Form 2, and Form 3 of the SEP registration process?

When you press a “submit” button while submitting an online form, you actually submit a “Form”. Therefore, pressing the first “submit” button refers to “Form 1” and the following “submit” button refers to “Form 2” and so on. The third form is uploading/downloading form refers to “Form 3”.

If I register TOEFL before the deadline but submit the TOEFL score after the deadline then will you accept it?

YES. But you need to provide us your TOEFL registration confirmation which indicates your TOEFL exam date and that must be before the deadline.

May I join COOP or Summer Training in summer, just before I go for the exchange program.

Yes, you may join. However, there should be no conflict. If you think that you can come back before August 10, then you are allowed to join COOP of Summer Training.

Do you accept IELTS?

NO. We only accept TOEFL. And the minimum acceptable TOEFL-iBT score is 70.

May I go to my desired university?

No. However, you may suggest OIC officials about your desired university. The exchange coordinator will finalize your host university.

What courses may I take at the host university?

You may take equivalent courses. The courses which are listed in out OIC website is equivalent to the stated semester. It does not mean that the course will be equivalent forever. When OIC will assign you to host university, you need to perform the following steps:

1. Fill the Course Equivalency form.
2. In the remarks, you may mention “in the list” if the course is listed on the course equivalency list.
3. If the course is not listed, then you need to download your desired course syllabus from the host university website and provide it to the corresponding department. The department chairman will then sign if he finds it equivalent.
4. You need to upload the scanned form (filled & signed) in your OIC website.
5. You need to submit the filled and signed form in our OIC office.

Important announcements
Deadline in submission of online application is until November 3, 2019.

Deadline in submission of TOEFL score is until November 3, 2019.

OIC OFFICE RELOCATED: From Building 21 to Building 59 (Room 1027)

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